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Different Parts of a Thesis Paper




In this section, it is ideally longer than an abstract and provides the following key information:

  • Background to the subject matter or topic
  • Brief review of existing knowledge
  • Indication of gap in knowledge (illustrates the goal of the research and how it addresses the gap)
  • Hypotheses


The introduction of a thesis paper requires to set the scene for the later work and provide a general overview of relevant arguments and/or research that preceded yours. Moreover, it should outline crucial ideas of why you chose to study this area and what you hoped to find out.


Literature Review


This chapter is an overview of the key literature that is significant to your chosen research topic and provides a clear discussion of what research has already been performed, what is known, what is to be discovered and what is contested in line with your research topic. Hence, you can think of literature review as an integrated analysis of the state of knowledge around your subject matter. Below are some of the purposes of a literature review:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge about the subject
  • Illustrate the research gap that you want to address
  • Set the foundation for a theoretical framework
  • Inform the choice of methodology for your own research


Academic professionals from reliable Thesis Writing Help in Dubai have in-depth experience in developing well-written literature review chapters.


Research Methodology


It illustrates the type of research carried out and justifies the selected methodology by connecting the literature review, while describing the overall process of data collection and analysis. Most importantly, this is the chapter where the readers of your research paper evaluate its validity and reliability. The research methodology section of a thesis includes:

  • Describes the main goal, objective or aim of the thesis paper
  • Outlines the chosen research methodology (qualitative, quantitative or combined methods)
  • Explains why one methodology was selected over another
  • Includes how data was collected and analyzed
  • States the difficulty or challenge you have faced during the process and how you have resolved it
  • Clarifies whether the results were conclusive and whether the selected methodology was effective in practice


Results and Discussion


Developing the results and discussion as separate chapters helps you to concentrate first on what outcomes you obtained and explain in a clear manner what occurred in your experiments and investigations without worrying about their implications. Through professional assistance from a Thesis Writing Help in Dubai, rest assured that you will be guided accordingly.


Results Section:

  • It outlines what you have discovered in connection with your research questions or hypotheses, ideally presented in figures and in written text.
  • It communicates the results of your study based upon the methodology you have used to collect information.
  • It is ideally communicated concisely and objectively in a logical order.


Discussion Section:

  • It Interprets and explains your results.
  • It provides an answer concerning your research question.
  • It justifies your approach.
  • It critically evaluates your study.




To further understand what information should be included in this chapter, a reliable Thesis Writing Help in Dubai lets you understand what the chapter requires to accomplish. A well-written conclusion chapter should achieve the following:

  • To provide a brief summary of the key findings of the research
  • To explicitly answer the research question and address the objective of the study
  • To communicate the main contribution of the study to the reader
  • To tackle any limitations or weaknesses of the study
  • To offer valuable recommendations for future research


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