IB Essays


    • What is IB Extended Essay

    In the International Baccalaureate (IB), extended essay is a core component of the Diploma Programme which is mandatory to all students. The IB extended essay is a research paper mostly of approximately 4,000 words hence offering a chance to the students for conducting their independent research or investigations relating a particular subject that forms an area of interest/concern to the students. At Essaywritinghelp.ae, we assist you fully with your IB Extended Essay with our full ideas and concepts that guarantee your success.

  • Critical/Importance method in writing IB Extended Essay

It is critical to maintain steadfast thoughts in the entire research and writing process since clear thoughts are fundamental. The impacts of the official guidelines are aimed at helping the writer despite of their confusing element as identified in the beginning. The guideline offers all the expectations of the essay to the writer and the outlook of the final extended essay.

  • Steps to Write IB Essay

There are 7 key parts that must be taken into account and must never be missed when writing an International Baccalaureate (IB) Extended Essay. These are the title page consisting of your details, course, professor, date and the name of your college/university. Others include the Abstract that identifies a summary of the overall research essay, the table of contents and the introduction. The writer must also include the body, the conclusion and the bibliography noting all the references that have been adopted by the study.