Medical Essay

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Whenever necessary and you want to write your own essay and how you will improve your writing skills, here are few tips from

  1. Your essay structure must be considered. It must include the three fundamental sections: impressive introduction, few paragraphs to outline the core or essential arguments, and the end which is the conclusion.
  2. Your handwriting should be clear, readable enough to understand your point and ideas. Poor handwriting most of the time will pull you down and will give you negative feedback.
  3. Have consistency on your tenses. Do not change between tenses as it makes it more complicated to read and creates confusion to the readers and examiners.
  4. Convince your reader on the quality of your work not the quantity of it.
  5. Do not use complicated terminology as it will be difficult for the reader or the examiner to grasp and understand your ideas.
  6. Make revisions as necessary. Check your spelling and your grammar.

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