Privacy Policy

As part of’s business operations, we have developed our privacy policies in compliance with the legal documents which contain the set methods to safeguard our customers’ privacy while we use their personal information. We collect personal details from our customers to assist them with our professional services and guarantee that we can meet their requirements. The confidentiality of your information is of utmost importance to us, and it is our strict policy not to disclose it to any third party so it remains safe with us. The privacy policy of applies to personal information collected from people who use our services. This policy will be reviewed regularly and we may update it from time to time.

Using our services, may require or otherwise collect information which includes your name, mobile number and email address. If we do not receive any information from your side, then we will not be able to grant any requested service. For any questions or clarifications regarding whether provision of information is compulsory and the consequences for withholding such details, kindly contact We use up-to-date technologies and software to uphold the confidentiality of personal information provided to We encourage you to regularly review the privacy policy of for the up-to-date information on our privacy practices. Moreover, we will also make prior versions of our privacy policies available for review.