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Many students struggle to complete extended essays because it requires great amount of time and expertise to conduct a research and write essays. IB extended essay paper is a 4000-word research paper and an extensive study of a particular topic selected from the Diploma Programme subjects. This type of essay aims to provide opportunities for students to engage in independent research under the guidance of a supervisor. In addition, it also helps student to improve various skills such as research, analytical thinking, time management and communication. Before the completion of the essay, it is compulsory for students to undergo three sessions with their supervisor which includes a viva voce or an oral defence to conclude the extended essay process.

Six Required Elements of IB Extended Essay

The structure of extended essay is crucially important as it helps students to put in order the arguments through the evidences collected. Below are the 6 required components of an extended essay paper:

1. Title page

2. Contents page

3. Introduction

4. Body of the essay

5. Conclusion

6. References and Bibliography

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