Do’s and Don’ts in Statement of Purpose Writing

What sets you apart from other applicants is your Statement of Purpose (SOP). It can be considered an introduction to your goals and skills that you wish to highlight in your application to a university. You need to keep in mind the fundamental dos and don’ts when writing an excellent SOP for a successful kick-start so that you stand out from the competition. For professional guidance, do not hesitate to seek help from reputable Statement of Purpose Writing Help in Dubai.


  • Start and finish strong: Your SOP should have a captivating opening and a motivational conclusion. Above all, it must be unique; do not steal someone else’s standard operating procedure. 
  • Discuss your future academic or career goals: If you are applying for a master’s degree or above, discuss your research background, academic background, and future objectives. When taking an undergraduate course, pay greater attention to your career inclination and short-term objectives. 
  • Connect your interests with your objectives: SOP Writing Help recommends that your essay should address your educational goals, taking into account your past, present, and future. A clear articulation of objectives and interests is required, as well as a connecting thread.
  • Highlight what you can bring to the table: The admissions committee should be able to see from reading your SOP how you can benefit the university by expanding its research and scope in your field of interest. To make sure you are a good fit for the program and meet the requirements, we strongly advise you to first carefully peruse the relevant program pages on the university’s website. 
  • Show your passion and positive mindset: Make sure you provide information in a style that demonstrates your enthusiasm and positive outlook, and write your SOP in an active voice at all times. Instead of being direct when quoting any remarks or references, consider providing pertinent instances.  


  • Do not exceed the word count: According to professional Statement of Purpose Writing Services, don’t write more or less than the required word count for your SOP; instead, stay within the given word limit. Make sure you adhere to the requested format, font size, and template. 
  • Do not submit a single version of an SOP: Use different SOPs for different applications. Make it meet the needs of the university specifically. 
  • Do not disclose personal information that is not necessary: Don’t discuss private or family matters or circumstances. In a SOP, these are not relevant. 
  • Don’t bring up your IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, or other test results: These are the parts of your application. Reiterating details from an application is grounds for rejection. 
  • Do not copy and paste content from others: Steer clear of content gleaned from websites, replicated information, and overused phrases. 
  • Do not submit a generic essay: Make sure your SOP doesn’t come across as meaningless, ambiguous, or empty. Whenever feasible, support your points with data, logic, or examples.  
  • Do not develop unclear and inconsistent points: SOPs are largely disregarded because of their weak beginning-to-end correlation. Avoid writing in a way that reads as pleasurable. “Thinking, believing, and feeling” are words that typically turn the admissions committee away. Make sure your writing conveys that you are a strong believer with a clear understanding of your future objectives rather than just a dreamer. 
  • Do not state false information: In your SOP, never withhold information or provide false details just to make yourself look good. Remember that the admissions committee can find out if you’re telling the truth or not. 

Trusted Statement of Purpose Writing Help in Dubai

We are aware that creating a SOP might be overwhelming and difficult for many. Don’t worry, though; our specialists at are familiar with all the nuances and can work with you to develop a strong statement of purpose. Get in touch with our professional Purpose Writing Help in Dubai to schedule an appointment for free counselling. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to write a statement of purpose?

The time required to create a personal statement for graduate school is not predetermined; it can take hours, days, or months. Building a genuine voice with essential components to tell your tale and outline your life’s journey takes as long as it takes. 

How do you write a strong SOP?

Remain with the essential details and synopsis. Avoid talking about your family history. Do not disclose delicate financial information. Always remember to not go above the allotted word count. Be direct and avoid using flattering phrases or technical terminology. Don’t tell lies in your Statement of Purpose; doing so could get you rejected. Never mention that you didn’t initially choose the institution. And lastly, humor can backfire, so try to avoid that.

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