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Management thesis writing is typically the climax of any postgraduate study as it used to assess your ability to evaluate research area and form research objectives. In addition, it also helps you to be equipped in observing and finding reliable literature, developing an appropriate research methodology, relating analysis to relevant literature, making conclusions and recommendations, as well as discovering areas for future research. If you need any professional assistance for your thesis writing, approach a reliable Thesis Writing Help in Dubai.

Below are the important components of the management thesis:

Abstract – It is a concise and comprehensive summary of the results of your thesis research and considered to be written in the last stage. The purpose of abstract is to provide the reader with a general overview without reading the entire paperwork. Abstract usually includes the aims and objectives, methodology, boundaries, results, conclusions and recommendations.

Introduction – This is the first chapter of the management thesis as it brings to light the background of the study. It involves the full context of the research study, main reasons for carrying out the study, and organization of the thesis.

Literature Review: It is the second chapter of the thesis that provides an overview of a specific topic. It is a collection of the most significant publications with reference to that subject to present a broad look at what has been said on the topic and by whom. Moreover, it also serves an important purpose which is to provide a context of the study, demonstrate understanding of existing knowledge, evaluate what the work has achieved, develop a platform for testing the validity of the study, as well as demonstrate an extensive understanding of key variables.

Methodology: This is one of the key parts of any management thesis as it describes the broad philosophical underpinning to your selected research methods, which involves your use of qualitative and quantitative methods, or a combination of both, and why. As the third chapter of dissertation, it should end with a brief summary of the key points.

Findings: It presents the key results of the conducted research without interpreting its meaning. Hypothetically, this is considered an interesting part of a management thesis for the reason that it includes writing what you have observed and discovered.

Discussion: The purpose of this chapter is to interpret and explain the implication of your findings in light of what was already acknowledged about the research problem being studied, as well as to illustrate fresh and valuable insights about the problem after you have taken the findings into consideration.

Conclusions: It is the last part of your management thesis or dissertation with its purpose to clearly imply the answer to the main research question, as well as summarize and reflect on the research. The conclusion chapter should specify how the study objectives are accomplished. Lastly, this should also involve key suggestions that might be needed for future research.

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