How to Write Aims and Objectives for Dissertation

Aims and objectives are the specific goals or targets that a researcher hopes to achieve through their dissertation. According to Dissertation Writing Help in Dubai, these goals should be specific, measurable, and achievable. The importance of having clear aims and objectives is that they provide direction and focus for the research, and help to ensure that the dissertation is well-structured and coherent. It also helps to ensure that the research is addressing a relevant and important topic, and that the findings will be useful and meaningful. Hiring a writer specialized in Dissertation Writing Help in Dubai such as can help you to stay on track during the research process and to identify any problems or issues that may arise.

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  • You should settle on a general aim

The overarching, problem-driven scope of your research aim should mirror that of your study.

Sample of a Research Aim:

  • To evaluate the reliability of autonomous vehicle safety features and response times.

  • You should focus on specific objectives


To accomplish your research goal, it is best to break it down into a manageable series of actions. Is there a particular facet of the issue that you wish to investigate further?


Sample of a Research Objective:

  • To evaluate how quickly self-driving vehicles can respond to pedestrians.


  1. You will establish your goals and objectives

Based on advice by experts from Dissertation Writing Help in Dubai, it is important to provide a clear and simple explanation of your study goals once they have been determined. Goals and objectives should be stated after the problem description in the introduction. Structure them as direct, straightforward statements and utilize action verbs that do justice to describing the work you want to do.

Sample of the Explanation of Research Aims and Objectives:

  • This study aims to evaluate the speed and accuracy with which autonomous vehicles can respond to dangerous situations. First, I will test the self-driving car’s reaction time to other moving vehicles, and then I will test its response time to pedestrians, all using quantitative methodologies. I will also see how well they can avoid some surrounding static objects such as sidewalks.

Importance of Dissertation Aims and Objectives

  • Determine the breadth and depth of your project: This also means that both your research processes and results can be examined critically.
  • Contribute to the research design: The study design process is aided by a thorough understanding of the research question(s) you intend to answer.
  • Explain how your work will add to previous studies: You can show off your familiarity with new studies, use or expand upon cutting-edge research techniques, and make an effort to weigh in on ongoing discussions.

SMART Research Objectives 

In the context of research goals, the term “SMART” is frequently employed. In it, you’ll read that it should be:


  • Specific: Make sure that your goals aren’t too broad. If you want effective findings from your research, you need to define it precisely.
  • Measurable: Goals must be able to be evaluated to determine success.
  • Achievable: While you want your goals to be tough, they also need to be achievable. Ensure that adequate prior research has been conducted on your issue, or that appropriate primary or secondary sources are available. Also, make sure you have access to the proper research materials (labs, library resources, research databases, etc.).
  • Relevant: Ensure that they are pertinent to your research by addressing the problem you intend to solve and adding to the body of knowledge in your profession.
  • Time-bound: Make sure the project stays on schedule by setting hard dates for completing various milestones.

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