Important Information about IB Extended Essay Writing

What is IB Extended Essay?

International Baccalaureate (IB) Extended Essay is a mini-thesis made up of up to 4000 words, providing students an opportunity to carry out investigation or research independently about a specific topic that interests them. It is usually starts in selecting a research question that will serve as your topic, then performing research and lastly, writing an essay about your findings. Always remember that this type of essay is considered to be a formal piece of academic content writing which means that it requires outside research and additional references. Some of the most renowned and leading IB Extended Essay Writing Services provide you guidelines on how to craft an exceptional extended essay paper.

Great tips on how to write an Outstanding IB Extended Essay:

  1. Make sure that you write about a specific topic that really interests you. Begin by brainstorming more specific topics that will definitely help you in your future career. In that manner, you can use your IB Extended Essay paper as a discussing point in your college essays which will equip you for your studies to come.
  2. Select a subject that is not too narrow or too broad. Keep in mind that you require to write about something specific, however, it should not be so specific that you cannot write 4000 words on it. Choose a topic that uses comparisons because it does not only help you limit your topic, but also, it will help you build an argument. If you are still not sure about which topic to choose, you can ask your advisor or consult from a professional IB Essay Writing Services.
  3. Pick an advisor who is highly experienced and familiar with your subject. Start by creating a list of your most preferred options and next to it, create a list of pros and cons of each advisor. Your chosen advisor should push you to the limit by allotting time to read drafts, provide you a lot of feedback and give you extensive notes.
  4. Focus on the structure and flow of your IB Extended Essay writing. It should include a very clear introduction, research question or focus, main body and conclusion. Take note that a poorly structured essay will get low grades. The body of your extended essay paper should make up the volume of the overall content.
  5. You have to start early and write sooner than later. IB Extended Essay (made up of 4000 words) is a serious task to be done as you have to spend much time in reading several articles and conducting research which depends on your selected topic. Create a proper timeline of when you require coming up with a topic, when you need to see your advisor and when certain drafts are due.
  6. Your extended essay paper must include a title page, contents page, introduction, body of the essay, conclusion, references and bibliography. Important note: Do not exceed more than 4000 words.
  7. Your research topic should fall into one of the six chosen subjects for the IB Diploma which involves Studies in Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics and Arts.

100% experienced IB Essay Writing Help

IB students all over the world usually fear writing Extended Essay papers as it is time-consuming and very challenging to many; however it should not create stress and worry to yourself. We highly recommend that you always seek help from the experts as they can fully guide you towards the right direction. In addition to this, seeking advice from a reliable and 100% experienced IB Essay Writing Help.