The Process of Writing a Winning Essay in Dubai

Have you ever wondered what admissions committees think as they read your essay? We were also. We went straight to the source to alleviate your concerns and increase your chance of acceptance to your dream university. In this article, we will find out what makes a winning essay from reputable firms like, the best Help on essay writing in UAE. We questioned them on how to stand out and what kind of essays made readers capture their attention. What they said was as follows:

1. Answer the question clearly

Too often, writers develop compelling arguments that have little to do with the issues at hand. Stick to the question if you are asked to answer it specifically. 

2. Address your mistakes

For instance, if you performed poorly in a class, explain the reasons. Why things went wrong, and what are you doing to fix them? Not all mistakes result in catastrophe. Essay Writing Help in Dubai mentioned that learning from your mistakes demonstrates character and gives your essay life.

3. Demonstrate your broad-mindedness

You must persuade the readers that you are more than your grades if you want to stand out. List the organizations you were a part of and the activities you spent time on. Remember to describe how your interests and affiliations make you special. Describe your contributions, any honours you have earned, and, if possible, any leadership roles you have held.

4. Include your personality

Credentials are wonderful, but a little personality may make your Essay writing in Dubai stand out. Your essay will stand out if you use humour or share a fascinating yet relevant experience. Nobody wants to look carefree and jeopardize their prospects, but adding individuality will benefit you in the final round.

5. Finally, but most importantly, proofread.

While there isn’t a single best strategy to proofread an essay, you can improve the calibre of your writing by using a few broad guidelines and techniques. Reading your essay aloud is a crucial stage in the proofreading process. This can assist you in identifying mistakes like awkward wording or poor word choice that you might otherwise miss. Reading aloud lets you better comprehend your essay’s general flow and rhythm. Reading your essay backwards, starting with the last sentence and working to the first, is another effective proofreading technique. By doing so, you can verify that your phrases make sense when read backwards and help you spot language and punctuation mistakes. Finally, having another person read your essay, preferably a professional Essay writing help in UAE with proofreading experience can be beneficial. This can help you see your essay from a new angle and find any mistakes you might have missed.



Q. What is the purpose of the admissions essay?

Ans– The college admissions essay gives admissions officers a unique viewpoint on you beyond your academic accomplishments, test scores, and extracurricular activities. It’s an opportunity to stand out from other candidates with comparable academic profiles by telling a distinctive, personal, and memorable story.

Q. How do I write an essay about myself for college admission?

Ans– Below are some of the helpful tips for writing an essay:

  • Select a topic that’s meaningful to you. 
  • Demonstrate your unique personality.
  • Develop content in your own voice.
  • Use particular examples.
  • Do not hesitate to show off.
  • Never lie or hyperbolize. 

    Q. Can I hire a professional writer for my essay?

Ans– Professional Help on essay writing in UAE, like can definitely assist you with such tasks. They have talented writers with vast experience in diverse industries and fully understand how things work. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek professional assistance from experts if you want your essay to stand out.