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The important criteria that admission committee considers when accepting or rejecting applicants include the students’ previous coursework, standardized test scores and admission essay. Among these three factors, it is the essay paper that can totally change the game for the reason that it is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the admission. In this article, we will discuss some of the helpful tips provided by PhD Admission Essay Writing Services to make sure that your admission essay paper is on point and serves its main purpose – to get you accepted to your dream university.

  • Have a clear understand of what the admission team are looking for. Upon receiving hundreds to thousands of applications every year, you need to impress the admission team by demonstrating about your educational experience and key attributes, along with your capacity to bring honor and prestige to the university after completing the programme.
  • Identify the goal of your essay. The main objective of writing an essay is to showcase who you are by highlighting distinguished features of your personality and other aspects of your life that are not shown from other requirements you have submitted.
  • Enumerate the qualities that make you unique. Take some time to list down what makes you different from other applicants. Include experience about your leadership experience, success stories, challenges you have overcome, as well as the lessons you have learned along the way.
  • Demonstrate how you can contribute to other students’ learning. One of the ultimate aims of education is to broaden the experience of students. In this way, you will discover the limits of your own intellect and push yourself to grow beyond those limits. Highlight how cultural diversity plays a major role to learn from each other and how well you can collaborate in the context of teamwork.
  • Understand and answer the essay prompt. Make sure that you spend adequate time to read the prompt again and again in order to grasp what they want you to share. Demonstrate that you are able to read and follow instructions carefully while using your creativity to answer the questions provided.
  • Be aware of the admission requirements and deadlines. Every university has their own sets of rules, guidelines and standards. Make sure that you stick with it and create a proper timeline of each activity that you need to accomplish so you don’t have to rush things when the given deadline is fast approaching. Conduct a research about the university, the chosen programme and other information that might help you on writing a solid admission essay.
  • Have someone to read your essay and seek for advice. This is one of the most important tips that we can provide as this will help you to polish your essay in the best way possible. Re-check the flow of thoughts of your essay, along with the grammar, word usage, punctuation, spelling, etc. Let an expert give you a feedback on how you can improve the overall content. You might also consider hiring a professional PhD Admission Essay Writing Services who can help you to do a perfect editing and proofreading task for your paper.


Never ever underestimate the power of a strong and winning admission essay paper towards living the dream of studying to the most prestigious university. Your decision matters a lot today so invest in your future and search for the Top-Ranked PhD Admission Essay Writing Service by Expert in Dubai, UAE.