What is a Narrative Essay in Dubai?

One way to think of writing a narrative essay is like telling a story. Most of the time, these writings are personal, anecdotal, and based on student’s own experiences. This gives students a chance to express themselves in creative and, frequently, emotional ways. A narrative essay is a type of essay that tells a story and has a single theme or main point that the story circles. All of the events, people, and things that happen in the story revolve around a single theme. A simple five-paragraph essay and a narrative essay are both written similarly. It is only different because it is a story with people, events, and conversations. You can consider seeking help from experts like Essaywritinghelp.ae who are knowledgeable and experienced in producing a winning Narrative Essay in Dubai.

Elements of a Narrative Essay in Dubai

Three things must be in a narrative essay: a character, a theme, and dialogue.


Characters are a big part of an essay that tells a story. Even if the essay is about the writer’s own life, the writer is still a character in the story. They act, talk, and do things just like any other character in a story or book.


According to professional Essay Writing Help in Dubai, a theme or motif is the main idea of a narrative piece. The thesis statement shows this theme or pattern by breaking it down into three separate pieces of evidence. In the body paragraphs, the characters explain more about these three different pieces of proof.


Dialogue is used to show what people say to each other. It is the third important part of a story essay. Without it, the characters lose their value and life.

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Guidelines for Writing a Narrative Essay in UAE

If an essay is written like a story, it should have all the parts of it.

This means you need an opening, a plot, characters, a scene, a climax, and an ending.

When would a narrative essay not be written as a story?

When a teacher asks a student to write a book report is a good example of this. Obviously, this wouldn’t have to be structured like a story. Instead, it would focus on giving the reader information.

The essay needs to have a point.

Make your case! This is the main point of your story. If what you are telling has no purpose, why are you telling it? If you are in need of guidance on this matter, feel free to approach a reliable Narrative Essay Writing in UAE.

The writer of the essay should have a clear point of view.

It’s common for narrative essays to be written from the author’s point of view, but this isn’t the only perspective to think about. In such types of writing, creativity often comes out in the form of the writer’s point of view.

Use language that is clear and direct throughout the whole writing.

Like the descriptive essay, the wording in a narrative essay works best when it is carefully, specifically, and artfully chosen. Use specific words to make the reader feel and sense certain things.

‘I’ is a good word to use.

Don’t take this rule too far! Even though it’s nice, it’s unnecessary and shouldn’t be used too much because of a lack of better words.

Always keep things in order.

Have an opening that is easy to understand and sets the tone for the rest of the essay. Make sure to leave the reader to figure out what your story is about. Remember that you’re in charge of the essay, so steer it in the direction you want (just make sure your audience can follow).



What is a narrative essay?

In a narrative essay, the author tells a story from his or her point of view. It usually goes in order of time and includes personal stories, tales, or important events to the writer. A narrative essay aims to make the reader care about the story and get across a clear message or lesson.

How do I choose a topic for a Narrative Essay in Dubai?

When choosing a topic for a narrative essay, it’s important to pick something that means something to you personally. Think about experiences, events, or times that have changed your life, made you who you are, or taught you something important. Think about how you feel, how you’re changing, and what you’re facing. If you choose a topic you care about, you can write a more interesting and real story.

Can I use dialogue in a narrative essay?

Adding conversation to a narrative essay can make it feel more real and vivid. Dialogue lets the reader hear the talk as if they were there and makes the story seem more real. Using the right punctuation and formatting when writing a conversation is important. Use quotation marks to show what was said and to set it apart from the rest of the text. Also, phrases like “he said” or “she asked” can help clarify who is talking. But don’t use too much dialogue. Top-rated Essay writing services in Dubai recommend keeping a balance with other parts of the story to ensure the essay is well-rounded.


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