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An essay is not an average task for most students. It is one of the challenging academic requirements in school. It’s easy to say that you only have two hours to write a 1500-word essay. Behind it, there are lots of struggles, especially in planning. Some students are gifted enough to write an essay without experiencing any difficulties. But let’s not forget that the level of difficulty of an essay depends on the topic you were about to discuss. So, when you are writing an essay, you have to thoroughly research everything that you need to know before stepping to the actual writing. We all know that essay has its requirements too. It should be able to meet the set standards by the university or the professor itself. However, it’s not just about exceeding or reaching those expectations. It is about the learnings that you will encounter. Help on essay writing in UAE is the most convenient academic writing service for students. They aim to help the students who struggle with their papers and have no enough time to incorporate the complexity of the essay. To further elaborate on the topics, here are the ten steps in writing an essay. 


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1. Analyze the importance of your topic

Some students fail to understand to continue working with their topic because they do not know the importance of it. They underestimate the topic and quit writing an essay. So, make sure you comprehensively understand why you are writing such topics and what could be the benefit to you?


2. Create a strong thesis statement

The thesis statement should be concise. It should gather all the main points that you would like to address in your essay. 


3. Make an outline

When planning for your essay, outlining is a must. Observe and read your thesis statement and decide the flow of your essay and what other information to include. 


4. Begin first with the body. 

Typically, the introduction comes first. Writing an introductory statement is the struggle of some students. Instead, writing the introduction, you can write first the body. It helps you to form your thoughts and relevant ideas. When you are done writing the body, you can now write the introduction. There is a guarantee that you have integrated the main ideas into the introduction. 

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5. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence

Each paragraph should have contextual information to defend the topic sentence and the thesis statement. 


6. Cite your credible sources

All the information in your essay should have credible scholarly sources. It can be found in academic journals, books by accredited authors, or even textbooks. 


7. Avoid plagiarism

Your professors will be the first ones to know when you submit plagiarized work. Make sure that you have original content for your essay. To avoid such, Help on essay writing in UAE guarantees 100% plagiarism-free content for essays. They have software that can detect plagiarism. 


8. Write the conclusion

The conclusion should begin by stating your thesis statement again. Discuss all the main points together, and make it as comprehensive and informative as possible. 


9. Give yourself time to think

After finishing your essay, think of the possible information that you can add to the essay. Review all the areas of your paper and see if there can be another relevant source to establish a more thorough essay.

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10. Proofread

Go back from the start and check for any grammatical errors, wrong spelling, placing of punctuations, and poor sentence structures. Proofreading consumes a lot of time. Help on essay writing in UAE mastered a well-written structured essay that has been receiving compliments from their previous clients.