Write Better Essays: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

On the daily basis of a student’s life, an essay is a part of it. You cannot avoid this paper as it is one of the essential academic requirements that you need to accomplish in the given deadline. Writing this term paper can be challenging, but somehow, it evaluates our learnings throughout the academic year. For some, it is an academic crisis since not everyone is gifted with excellent writing skills, and it is common nowadays. Universities and colleges set different standards or criteria in essays. You are obliged to follow their rules as they are implementing a stricter level of competencies. Given that students struggle in making an effective essay, they decided to consult an academic writer. Essay writing in Dubai provides top quality academic service that has been well-trusted over the years. They have enthusiastic academic writers who strive for excellence. To further discuss this topic, listed below are the five common mistakes you should avoid while writing an essay. 


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1. Lack of evidence to support a thesis statement.

It’s the topic that matters. Sometimes, your topic doesn’t have enough evidence to support facts. So, before you pick a topic for your study, make sure to research first and try to find if any sufficient pieces of evidence can do well along with your study.  


2. Copied ideas

While browsing, you find something that captures your interest. So, the tendency is to copy the idea and paste it into your study. How can you explain such a point that you don’t even make? To prevent this mistake, you should think outside the box, research, and read to enhance your knowledge. Essay writing in Dubai produces custom made papers. They guaranteed original content for your essay.


3. Long and irrelevant sentences

Lengthy sentences that are not related to your topic are the biggest turn-off to the readers. Imagine wasting their time in reading and ended up clueless. Instead of long and pointless information, you can make brief but comprehensive details about your study that straightforwardly answers some of the questions. 


4. Unclear thesis statement

If you put a thesis statement where readers can be confused because of low claim tolerance, then you are doing it in the wrong way. A thesis statement should express a claim or point of view on the topic directly. There should be no other details besides a strong and concise thesis statement.  


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5. No revision or editing 

Your professor knows if you edit your work or not. They thoroughly check the spelling, grammar, sentence structures, and punctuation mistakes. But most importantly, they are very observant of the content of your essay. If they find it weak, then you have to revise it. Revising your essay makes difference, and of course, it is for the sake of an outstanding grade. You need to follow your professor’s correction so that you can move on to the next stage. Essay writing in Dubai has software where they can check their work. They ensure the top-class quality of your paper, and they are consistent in providing the best possible academic writing.

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