What is IB Extended Essay Writing Services

Students are used to writing essays. In fact, they wrote thousands of words in one essay. It is normal for them to encounter essays as this is one of the most common requirements in their academics. But have you heard about the IB (International Baccalaureate®) Extended Essay? Sounds interesting, right? But it is not an essay that you typically write. It is a mini-thesis under the supervision of an IB Advisor. How does it work? Pick a research question as your subject. The topic should be engaging and not something that is common to see or hear. Then conduct research independently. Your skills and knowledge will be tested once you start writing this extended essay. After that, write an essay on your findings. Everyone knows how important it is to write your own thoughts, and the perfect place to express them is through these findings. This will be a long and tiring task to do as it should consist of 4000 words. Fortunately, IB Extended Essay writing Services exist. They are the writers that you can trust with your project. They are professional enough to handle everything in your extended essay. Get to know the IB Extended Essay through its main components.

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1. Title page

First thing first, the title page should be present. Even though it is just a simple title page, you still have to follow the guidelines that have been given to you. You can search for the proper structure if you don’t have the instruction. But if you have, you’d better read and understand it. IB Advisors are strict when it comes to the overall structure of the essay. They make sure that they are all on the same page so that it will be easy for them to discuss everything in one meeting.

2. Table of Contents

Of course, we need to have a content page. Some readers are looking for a particular section, and the first thing they will do is look at the pages. A key to organizing pages is when you double-check everything. There are cases where the page number and the section don’t seem to match. So, before and after you polish your project, review it for assurance.

3. Introduction

Now let us go to the introduction or the first section that creates a lot of assumptions coming from the brilliant minds of the readers. The introduction plays a significant role in the IB Extended Essay. Why? Because if you have a compelling introduction, they will be interested in reading further. But if you fail to meet their standards, they will ignore them. If you don’t want to waste your efforts, make sure that you will invest your time and skills in writing an introduction. IB Extended Essay writing Services are the reason why many students are successful with their programs. They are trained to write an extended essay based on the criteria of the institution.

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4. The essay’s body

Moving on to the next part, the body of the essay, this is the perfect place to talk about your content. It will determine if you can effectively pull it all together or if you are lacking information. Research is very important in extended essays. Without it, how can you provide reliable information for your essay? They would not understand anything if you didn’t have supporting evidence that could make your project credible. IB Extended Essay writing Services is not just a good writer but a knowledgeable researcher as well. Their goal is to give customers satisfaction and a project that would lead you to success.

5. Conclusion

Done with your research? How about including your thoughts in the conclusion? As we said, it is important to share or express your opinion through a conclusion. Readers will try to identify your similarities and differences based on what you both understand. In writing the conclusion, it is important that you have the most accurate opinion since you are the researcher in the first place. 

6. Bibliography and references

The last part is the reference and bibliography section. You have to put all your sources here: the title of the book, links, articles, and anything that proves that you have information that came from a reliable source. Be wise when choosing the details that you will add. As much as possible, only those relevant should be able to make it to this section. 

The IB Extended Essay may be a hard project to do, but it is a commitment that you should involve yourself in. There will be times that you won’t understand some details, but you have to embrace their purpose as it is for the benefit of your academic life. Do not hesitate to call an expert if you think you are out of time since you have other commitments outside the life of a student. IB Extended Essay writing Services offers an extensive writing service that not only meets the expectations of everyone but willingly discusses with their clients the content of their project so they know about it and can develop conclusions.

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